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Movies and TV shows coming out in Listed by release date. When Netflix announced 80 original movies are coming out in i decided to make this list so its easier to keep track. This isn't a list of every Netflix title. Some reason it's hard to find out the release dates for the original content in advance, but I will try to update this page as much as possible adding new titles, and release dates on a regular basis.

TV-MA 30 min Comedy. Sydney is a teenage girl navigating the trials and tribulations of high school while dealing with the complexities of her family, her budding sexuality, and mysterious superpowers just beginning to awaken deep within her. Votes: 25, Set in a future where consciousness is digitized and stored, a prisoner returns to life in a new body and must solve a mind-bending murder to win his freedom. Votes:On the planet Latimer, reawakened Takeshi Kovacs must protect a teenage tattooist named Holly while investigating the death of a yakuza boss alongside Gina, a strangely familiar no-nonsense CTAC agent.

Votes: 2, Tiuri, a teenage squire, answers a call for help that sends him on a perilous mission across the three kingdoms to deliver a secret letter to the King. Votes: 3, R min Drama. A sweeping drama set in the chaotic aftermath of the US invasion of Iraq, where the life of top UN diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mello hangs in the balance during the most treacherous mission of his career.

O'ByrneGarret Dillahunt. Votes: Drama Announced. Action, Horror, Sci-Fi Post-production. Following a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries take the ultimate gamble, venturing into the quarantine zone to pull off the greatest heist ever attempted.

A young man pretends to be a long-lost son to a family whose real son went missing years ago. Sci-Fi, Thriller Announced. An Interpol agent suffers from a genetic mutation that transforms him into a dead ringer for the drug lord he's trying to capture. Fantasy Pre-production. Action, Adventure, Crime Announced. A live-action adaptation of the popular anime about a crew of futuristic bounty hunters. Fantasy Active. A teenage sorceress named Nimue encounters a young Arthur on his quest to find a powerful and ancient sword.

Action, Drama, Sci-Fi Pre-production. This results in the disease Fantasy Announced. Heroines from the the classic novels 'The Wizard of Oz' and 'Alice in Wonderland' are sent to a home for 'troubled' youths because of their wild and vivid dreams of far off worlds.

Animation, Action, Sci-Fi Filming. Hired as a mercenary unit, the former members of Japan's elite Section 9 are faced with the sudden appearance of "Post-Human," a being with tremendous intelligence and physical capabilities. Drama Post-production. This post-apocalyptic tale follows Augustine, a lonely scientist in the Arctic, as he races to stop Sully and her fellow astronauts from returning home to a mysterious global catastrophe.

uptv original movies list

Action, Comedy Completed. Sci-Fi Announced. After America's financial collapse and its people's abandonment, a group of pioneers journey through a ravaged wasteland to return to the "New World" as a leader plans to unleash his nuclear arsenal against anyone who threatens his power.A spoiled rich man doesn't take it well when he's rejected by an ambulance paramedic.

He doesn't give up there but uses his parents' wealth to get to ride with her in the ambulance hoping that it will eventually lead to a date etc.

Votes: TV-G 84 min Romance. Bad boy hockey player Adam and struggling book-store owner Mary must work together to help rehabilitate each other's image. Their mutual animosity, and attraction, sees them struggle to achieve their goal. Votes: 1, Not Rated 90 min Drama, Romance.

uptv original movies list

After a tour of duty, an army nurse returns to her grandmother's farm in Amish country, where she finds unexpected romance and is pulled into a murder mystery. TV-G 80 min Drama, Romance. After a perfumer's death, his daughter works to meet the production deadline for his company's latest scent, which is complicated by the lack of an elusive ingredient.

A musical re-imagining of the film, Dirty Dancing Votes: 5, TV Comedy, Fantasy, Romance. A year-old vampire masquerades as a high school student in order to recruit unsuspecting victims for a vampiric feast. TV-G 84 min Comedy, Romance. Rival lawyers battle each other in court as their respective dogs fall madly in love, bringing their guardians together at every turn until they reluctantly realize it may not just be the pups who are each other's true Valentine.

TV-G 95 min Romance. Twenty years after she was last in Paris, a woman returns to the City of Light, where she reconnects with her college boyfriend and first love. TV-G min Comedy, Romance. When an aspiring chef lands a dream job at her idol's restaurant, she befriends the handsome executive chef.

After they are both wrongly fired from there, the duo decides to open their own eatery to prove their food is better. On her birthday, a woman who desperately wants her boyfriend to propose to her wishes for the opportunity to see into the future, with surprising results. While on a last-minute European holiday, a young woman finds herself in the middle of a real-life fairy tale when a chance meeting with a handsome local leads to something more.

Votes: 2, TV-G 80 min Comedy, Romance. A divorced couple meet online and end up going on a blind date together. After an awkward reunion, they decide to set each other up with their friends, but old habits never quite die.

Emily James Julie Bermannow 27 years old and considered a relic in the world of figure skating, gets an improbably shot to reclaim skating glory, when a young coach sees greatness in her. Together, they find their love of skating goes beyond the ice. WalkerLinda KashAna Golja. TV-PG 90 min Romance. TV-G 84 min Drama, Romance.

Andy's family has built Rose Parade floats for generations. When her Dad gets sick, Andy's forced to supervise the construction and decoration of their client's float and deal with a demanding businessman whose company commissioned it.

TV-G 88 min Comedy, Romance. Feeling disconnected with her teenage son, a protective mother decides to step outside of her comfort zone and take him camping. But as soon as she arrives, she begins butting heads with A single woman with a newly adopted dog, turns to a handsome dog trainer for help.A big city advertising executive inherits her great-aunt's inn and heads to the small Alaskan town where it's located to get it ready for sale.

Votes: A recently-single woman dreads the thought of going back to her home town in Louisiana for Christmas when she finds out her ex-boyfriend will be there with his new girlfriend.

Up (TV channel)

Votes: 1, Claire, a savvy venture capitalist from New York City, escapes to a quaint town in Vermont for the holidays and becomes a guest of the Fortenbury Bookstore. Upon arrival, Claire finds TV-PG 90 min Romance. Following an unexpected breakup weeks before Christmas, Hannah Drewtech wiz and creator of the dating app, Perfect One, heads home for the holidays, challenged to save her failing TV 90 min Romance. When Poppy Benson, a struggling flower shop owner, joins the local holiday floral show in an effort to win a cash prize and keep her store afloat, she starts to fall for handsome Garrett Hurley, her direct competitor in the show.

TV-PG 86 min Family. It's just weeks before Christmas when Ellie, gets a call to return home to help her father on the family's poinsettia farm. The family business is on the line to deliver tens of thousands Unrated 90 min Drama, Family, Romance. Recently separated parents Tracie Fisk and Rick Rogers spend every other holiday with their young daughters Harper and Ava.

But this Christmas, the girls have only one thing on their Ruthless businesswoman Alexis is visited by her deceased mother in a reimagining of "A Christmas Carol". Kelley Jakle stars as young woman who returns to her small hometown to rediscover music, family bonds, and the magic of the Christmas season. A successful jingle writer is cajoled into returning to her hometown to write a song for the 50th anniversary of the annual Christmas Eve concert.

Darcy's been striving for the perfect Christmas since childhood and, thanks to a magical figurine, her dream finally comes true.It has expanded into family-friendly original movies, series, and specials. UPtv is owned by InterMedia Partners.

The name and logo are a reference to Uplifting Entertainmentone of the channel's content providers. As of Februarythe channel is available to approximately It was devoted to gospel music.

Romantic TV Movies (2019-18-17)

Each weeknight, the network's lineup featured a different genre of music. In addition to music video blocks, the network began to produce original shows, such as Faith and Fame artist biographiesFront Row Live concertsand America Sings singing competition.

The network was re-branded on June 1, the re-branding had been scheduled to occur on September 1, In the transition before the name-change, inthe channel began carrying popular syndicated series such as Cosby ; Dr. Easter movies also populate the programming schedule through April.

On December 3, Up announced its first original scripted series Ties That Bindwhich was canceled after its first season. On October 7,Up pulled their airings of repeats of the television drama 7th Heavendue to allegations of child molestation against the series lead actor, Stephen Collins.

Up CEO Charley Humbard stated, "We brought the show back because many viewers expressed they could separate allegations against one actor from the fictional series itself. As it turns out, they cannot". ET; by Septembermarathon and daily airings of the series had resumed. In Septemberthe network acquired the rights to Gilmore Girls and began to air it in both daily and marathon forms of scheduling, including a full-series marathon on Thanksgiving week to lead into the series' Netflix revival.

List of programs broadcast by Up

Both versions carry content disclaimers depending on episode content. In MayUp acquired reruns of Home Improvement ; at around the same time, reruns of this show also began airing on the Viacom -owned cable network CMTwhich at the had just suspended airing reruns of Roseanne that show later returned to that network's schedule.

uptv original movies list

In MarchUp acquired reruns of The Librarians ; around the same time, they introduced a new emoji-based campaign and branding. In JuneUp acquired reruns of Rebaand premiered it on August 2, In the winter ofafter INSP lost the rights to Little House on the Prairiethis channel picked up the series and began airing episodes in sequence from the Pilot Movie onwards during several marathon airings in late December.

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TV by the Numbers. Retrieved March 14, MultiChannel News. April 3, Retrieved April 5, March 3, Retrieved March 21, Christmas movie season is upon us, and with so many new ones airing on TV over the next couple of months, it can be hard to keep track. Seven premieres are debuting on UPtv, and they start this weekend.

The first premiere, airing Sunday, is all about a little magical body-switching around Christmastime. Audrey and Julia have to help each other out and then find their way back to their original bodies before Christmas. Photo: UPtv. This time around, everyone decides to head to a cabin for the holiday in order to get into the Christmas spirit. With all of them together on a getaway, old feuds come up and new ones arise.

While there, she pays attention to all of the residents of her small town and takes notes for her book.

UpTV Christmas Movies

The new love story might just be her own, though, when she meets widower Brysen Flynn Burgess Jenkins. Mack heads undercover to help solve the case, getting close to the new guy along the way. Franco Lo Presti also stars. Sarah Lancaster, Karen Holness and Gina Holden star as three life-long best friends who always loved spending Christmases at the house on Holly Lane when they were younger.

With the house now at risk of being sold, the women must come back together to save the place that they all love. Big-shot entertainment executive Ryan Bradley Hamilton agrees to go with his sister to a country wedding because he heard the latest internet sensation will be in town, and he hopes to sign him. While there, he also meets small-town girl, Krista Sarah Troyerand the two begin to fall in love.

EDT The first premiere, airing Sunday, is all about a little magical body-switching around Christmastime. Related Stories.On Christmas Eve, when Eve and her cynical sister Lacy make wishes to Santa, they wake up in Christmas Town and find themselves trapped inside a Christmas movie where they are the stars. Tasha and Prince Alec met and fell in love, Tasha is on her way to spend the holidays in San Saverre and get a taste of royal life. When Alex surprises her with a royal engagement, she spends her first magical days there trying to stay grounded while managing the task of planning a royal wedding.

But when Miranda starts scheming to break the two up, it will take a big sacrifice and a Christmas miracle to make sure they get the holiday royal wedding of their dreams. Thrown into a world of fierce competitors and a ticking clock, it will take a Christmas miracle to save the bakery, though they may discover a prize much larger than they had hoped for.

The only problem is…Abby is a terrible cook. But when a Christmas miracle drops a well- known, and slightly disgraced celebrity chef named Jason Corwin on her doorstep, Abby knows this is her chance to save her business, and help Jason regain his reputation. And with a little pinch of sugar and a dash of Christmas magic, they may just end up cooking up more than a winning recipe. When they arrive, they find that the house has been double booked and now they must share their family holiday with a grumpy writer who hates Christmas.

When the two jet off to Paris on a whirlwind Christmas adventure, they each think that their happiness could last forever. But in the middle of their magical Parisian getaway, she discovers a secret about him that could push them apart forever. Now, with the hotel to themselves, a fairytale snowscape outside and sparks flying inside, they find that being alone together is all the Christmas magic they need. Related Stories.Lastly, the Thomas Kincaid movie. Also, there was one with a grandmother taking her granddaughter abroad and reuniting with an old flame, who thought she was acting as though she was better than he.

I have a copy of the movie, but it has commercials in it. If you want a copy I can make one and send it to you. Find me on facebook and leave me a message. This has bot been aired in many years. However I am appalled that some scenes from the movie are deleted to make room for more commercials. UP Network website says Nov.

We saw an ad for it on Facebook and are really looking forward to seeing this one!! It looks amazing! I like the fact that the Christmas movies are repeated to give everyone a chance to see them when it is convenient for them to watch.

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uptv original movies list

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